How to use WhatsApp web on your computer (2020)

How to use WhatsApp web on your computer

Web WhatsApp, how to use it

Whatsapp web Online messaging is one of the best tools to communicate with your smartphone. In the world, you need to stay connected today, and use your smartphone is one of the best ways to stay in touch with family and friends.

Many people use apps to talk to the phone because it is a convenient tool and easy to use. With the advent of calling plans with super-fast internet, apps have done nothing but gain even more popularity.

It is in this context that fits WhatsApp, one of the most popular instant messaging app worldwide. Its ease of use and its popularity made it one beloved instrument and used by all, both in Italy and abroad.

Despite many competitors, WhatsApp is still the best Whats app web of its kind.

Let’s find out how to use Whatsup web and its version for desktop PCs, Web WhatsApp, what is its history and its capabilities, and all the tricks and tips to use it better.

How did WhatsApp

The history of WhatsApp already has many years behind: the first version of the app was created in 2009 thanks to the minds of Kiev Jan Koum and Brian Acton, who worked for the technology giant Yahoo!

The two wanted to create this app to facilitate the exchange of messages between mobile phones, and with the advent of smartphones and applications, have predicted that it would become more and more used. And indeed they were right: after the first experimental year, WhatsApp has continued to grow. WhatsApp currently has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide.

With millions of users around the world, he has finally attracted the attention of the Facebook giant, which acquired the company in 2014. At the time WhatsApp is still owned by Facebook Inc. and has undergone several transformations over time. Fortunately, the acquisition was made by the giant company by ensuring that it would not have any kind of publicity was done, the fact still true today.

Despite the fierce competition with other apps like Telegram, WhatsApp reconfirms the most popular app for online messaging and is supplemented every year with new features and new tools to protect its users.

Its name comes from the English phrase “What’s up?” Which means “How are you?”, And is one of the opening sentences of a common conversation in English. The first version of WhatsApp was only for iOS (ie iPhone) but soon began to appear even in running Android phones.

Over time, new features were added, such as video and the ability to send the location.

All WhatsApp and web WhatsApp functionality

WhatsApp web and whats app web are both used for online messaging. You simply have a working Internet connection, a telephone number to be connected to the account, and you can texting, calls, video calls, and more.

The main feature of WhatsApp is as follows:

  • Sending messages/chat
  • Creating chat rooms where you can enter your contacts
  • Call online
  • Video calls online
  • Sending files (such as a pdf or word file)
  • Sending GIF in the chat, thanks to the research of GIF with Google
  • Sending your location via GPS, also it included a sharing of location in
  • time (with the ability to choose how long to show your location)
  • Ability to lock the contacts
  • Sending contacts as phone numbers, cell phones, etc.
  • Sending pictures or photos directly from the phone’s gallery or
  • clicking them on your mobile phone
  • Ability to edit your images (crop, writing, etc.)
  • Sending audio recordings
  • Sending Video
  • Using emoticons
  • Ability to customize their photos with contact, quote, status, and
  • change your privacy settings related to the account

These are the main functions of WhatsApp: are many and make it possible to communicate easily and quickly. Download WhatsUp web, then, it is very simple and completely free: just type the name into the search bar of the App Store or the Play Store and download necessary.

After a quick registration, you can finally use all the functions of web WhatsApp, add contacts and start texting.

how to use WhatsApp web on a phone

How to use WhatsApp web on your computer (2020)

Although the app itself is already excellent and perfect for online messaging, it was also created WhatsApp Web. Initially, WhatsApp Web had been created for a fee, but after a few years, the idea of a subscription has been abandoned in favor of a completely free tool.

In 2015 it sees the introduction of WhatsApp Web encryption end-to-end, a special security system that protects all data and conversations exchanged between users.

Web WhatsApp uses all the aforementioned features for the app but is designed to be used on a desktop PC, so you can chat and communicate with their contacts also via the computer.

This tool can be used on major current browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Opera, making him usable on nearly any platform.

The Web interface is the same as WhatsApp application for smartphones, with minor modifications. You can still search for a contact or a chat via the search function, send and receive documents, archive or delete the chat, create groups, mute a user or a chat, and more.

If you have a microphone, you can also send voice messages without any problems, as well as videos.
Even Web WhatsApp is free to use.

How can I open WhatsApp Web?

Use Web WhatsApp is very easy and intuitive.

Follow these simple steps to start you also to enjoy all the benefits of having WhatsApp on your computer:

How can I get WhatsApp QR Code?

  1. Make sure you have installed on your smartphone an updated version of WhatsApp and you have connected your account
  2. Make sure your computer has a working Internet connection
  3. Open the site with your usual browser
  4. Open WhatsApp on your phone
  5. Select Menu or Settings and select the “WhatsApp Web”
How to use WhatsApp web on your computer (2020)
  • This will open your camera, where you will see a box marked on the screen
  • Just point your camera at the QR Code that you’ll see on your computer screen
How to use WhatsApp web on your computer (2020)

  • The PC will automatically connect to Web WhatsApp, and you can see the chat from your phone

Although it may seem complex the first time, actually connect to the WhatsApp web is really very easy. You can also choose to tick the “Stay Connected” to continue to stay connected to your smartphone and do not miss the conversations on your PC.

Use WhatsApp also Web tablet

Fortunately, Web WhatsApp is great for this reason: simply connect the tablet to an Internet or WiFi network, and you can launch WhatsApp Web from your browser.
After that, just follow the usual procedure is also carried out on the PC, and you can also use WhatsApp on your tablet.

For some time many users complained that it was not possible to use WhatsApp supported on a tablet: a lack that did not allow the use of a device that is used daily by so many people. The problem was the fact that the tablet does not have a SIM card, which is essential to link the account of WhatsApp.

Some of WhatsApp developers have hinted that it could create a new version of WhatsApp made for the tablet but is not yet confirmed the news.

The benefits of WhatsApp web

Using WhatsApp web can have many advantages: in fact, it is a tool widely used by most of WhatsApp users.

Besides being able to display your current conversation, it can also be the start of new, open a chat group, change your settings and change the details of your account, all from your computer!

WhatsApp web is especially useful to those who have to work with your computer for long hours during the day, but the need to stay connected without having to check your phone every five minutes. It is therefore ideal for those who work in the office, or for students during long study sessions.

This function is also used by people who do not habitually use it because it is convenient to control your PC while you reply to a message arrived on the smartphone.

How to access documents, photos, videos from WhatsApp Web with your computer?

As the use of Web WhatsApp is so useful and practical, many users will definitely want to also use the app’s features such as download photos and videos, access to downloadable documents, and so on.

You can also do it with WhatsApp Web?

Simply enter the reference chat, click on the image of the person on the right, and click on the media, links, and documents. This way, you will see all the files exchanged with that person (or that group), such as photos, videos, documents, and so on. You can then download it to your computer and save it in its memory. A very nice feature for transferring documents from your smartphone to your PC

In addition, you can also take a specific file and forward it to another user through our contacts. Finally, you can report the document as “important” to keep in mind: this is also a perfect feature especially for those who use WhatsApp web also at work.

What happens if we need to send a file from our PC to the smartphone, but we do not want anyone else to see? No fear: there’s a trick to do so while protecting our privacy. Through Web WhatsApp, simply create a private group with ourselves as a single user. This way, you can send messages, files, photos, and videos that only we can see and download.
It may seem a bit ‘cumbersome, but this trick allows us to keep private files that do not want to share with other people.

Open multiple simultaneous Web pages WhatsApp

Another interesting feature that can be very useful for those who work with WhatsApp or who must manage multiple pages at the same time WhatsApp is to open multiple web pages on the app using different accounts.

It seems impossible, but it’s actually very simple. With your smartphone and PC, just open two browser pages: one with a normal window, and the other in incognito mode (a mode that allows you to not record cookies, history, etc.).

Choose your favorite browser and open the windows, and then log in using the two different accounts: in this way, you will have the same PC chats both accounts without having to use another computer.

Do you want a more professional solution for those who are using WhatsApp for work?
You can install WhatsApp Business, a mode that allows you to use the WhatsApp functionality in commercial optics.

Private conversations even with WhatsApp Web

Often you would like to keep their most private conversations possible. WhatsApp, by its nature, has a system that allows you to see the status of the sent message, so keep informed participants in the chat.

These are the three types of state that can have a message (be it chat, voice or video):

  • A check: it means that the message was successfully sent from your mobile phone
  • Two ticks mean: that the message has been received from the device to which it was sent
  • Two blue checkmarks: it means that the message has been read by the receiving person

WhatsApp app for smartphones you can turn off the famous “blue checkmarks”, namely a system that informs the sender of the message it has been read by the recipient. This allows for more control and privacy over their chat.

But how to do in case of Web WhatsApp?

Fortunately, it is also possible here, with some tweaking. This system is possible with the Chrome browser, Microsoft’s official browser.
Just type in “chrome: // settings/content/ notifications” in the search bar and make sure the Web address WhatsApp is selected as “enabled.” Then, just open a new window of another program, and keep it low, alongside that of WhatsApp Web. While holding open the other window will still be able to see all incoming messages, without activating the blue checkmarks that signal has been read.

Display changing video chat

Web WhatsApp lets you send and download videos in the chat, but recently added a feature that still grows more this tool: it is the Picture-in-Picture, a feature already enabled, for example, on Facebook.

It is the ability to watch a video that you have received a chat in the background, while you check other conversations. The video will not close when chatting changes, but will remain small on the screen: just click the icon in the top left corner, and you can activate the Picture-in-Picture (or PIP).

However, this function does not work with video outside the platform (like YouTube, for example). Nevertheless, it is a feature very interesting and useful for watching long videos without missing any conversation.

How can open WhatsApp in PC?

If you want to do Web WhatsApp application which can be accessed in a very fast and easy, the best move is to make it an independent element.
For example, if you use the Chrome browser can make WhatsApp Web opened an icon through the Start menu or the taskbar: just add it to your favorites or save it as a page with direct links.

Navigate more easily to WhatsApp emoticons on Web

Open the emoticon page, look for the right one … there are actually of the easiest ways to find the right emoticon.
One of the tricks to use types a colon or “:” to insert the emoticon. Many of these are registered with a name directly linked to their image. For example, the emoticon of a heart will be typed as a heart, and the same goes for lots of pictures.

Enter computer is faster and easier than the phone, so it will be even more fun look for the right emoticon, without going through endless minutes to scroll through the whole collection of smiley faces (which, by the way, is always growing)

This way, you can use your preferred emoticons using WhatsApp Web without wasting time looking for them. Try now: Please enter the two points, and type a name for your emoticon, and find out if there is one already connected.

Logout WhatsApp Web access

Another feature related to the protection of privacy is the ability to delete all the entries made via WhatsApp Web. This feature is also very useful for those who use public computers such as those found in the spaces of co-working, in municipal libraries and other common areas.

To do so, the “Stay Connected option must first make sure you have selected” when you log in via QR Code. This feature, in fact, it allows the PC to store the data of who is connected; it may be useful in the case of a private computer, it is just as if you want to protect your personal information.

If, however, you want to completely make sure you remove any references to your Web connection WhatsApp, you must follow these steps:

  • Open the Web section WhatsApp on your phone, via the Settings
  • Select “Log out of all the computers”
How to use WhatsApp web on your computer (2020)
  • From further confirmation by clicking the new “Disconnect”

In this way – actually very simple – you can disconnect permanently from all computers with which you are already connected to use Web WhatsApp. Fortunately, WhatsUp web developers have thought of protecting the personal information of their users, giving an additional tool to protect their privacy.

WhatsApp Business, the Web app WhatsAppweb for business

In January of 2018, it was launched WhatsApp Business, a variation of Web WhatsApp meant to be used by professionals and businesses.

WhatsApp Business is a tool that can be used on Android and iPhone devices; It is free to use and is designed to help small businesses and freelancers. Thanks to WhatsApp Business feature, you can set the settings to respond automatically and organized manner to the messages, making him an excellent tool for managing a business.

WhatsApp business works the same way as WhatsApp Messenger, with more features that facilitate the use by businesses, how to enter and manage a commercial activity profile (by including the physical address, email address and web site Official), but also to analytical tools such as statistics. This allows you to control the number of messages sent to and then read, but also to better organize the answers to customers

WhatsApp Business is a free application for Android and iPhone, designed for small business owners. WhatsApp Business simplifies the interaction with its customers by providing tools that automate, organize and quickly respond to messages. In addition, it was meant to function as WhatsApp Messenger and to offer the same user experience. You can use WhatsApp Business to do everything you normally do, by sending messages to send photos.

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Curiosity for WhatsApp

The world WhatsApp is vast and growing, with millions of users worldwide and services more and more advanced.
Not everyone knows, however, some interesting facts about WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web:

  • Early versions of WhatsApp is constantly blocked, and one of the founders had been tempted to abandon the project. Fortunately withdrew, WhatsApp otherwise would not have become the colossus it is today
  • The first version of WhatsApp was available exclusively for iOS (or Apple smartphone)
  • Most of Whatsappweb users are located in India, one of the most populous countries in the world
  • In 2018 WhatsApp has beaten the record for the most number of messages exchanged on New Year’s wishes for more than 75 billion times
  • WhatsApp is one of the first downloadable applications that you could see in the Apple Store for iPhone
  • The reason why WhatsApp had become a fee for a short time was given by the cost that the company would support only to send the test messages to each individual user is registered; the fear of high cost due to the enormous growth of subscribers had prompted the company to charge a fee which has since been canceled
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